Our core product transcend provides deep packet analysis for network traffic. The tight integration with Wireshark, snort and Suricata extends the use of transcend to a number of industries, including but is not limited to the following, that currently use these tools to solve their everyday problems.  

In addition, we also work with service providers from industries to help their customers combating cyber threats.  We are constantly looking for like-mined partners, in sales or Technology, to create tailored and scalable offerings that meet the unique need of the customers.

Energy Industry

The economy of the 21st century is fueled by the energy industry.  The convergence of the IT and OT in this sector has made the ICS and SCADA  systems susceptible to cyber attacks. transcend provides tools to analyze protocols, such as Modbus TCP,  that are unique to energy and utility companies. 

Defense Industry

The advancement in the field of IT compounded with upgrade of weapons with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems along with increasing volume of classified data gathered systems have greatly changed the dynamics of the defense industry.  Threats from conventional insurgent activities are no longer the only concerns for the defense industry. transcend facilitates the Defense industry with tools s and services that are essential to mobilize, deploy, and sustain military operations.

Financial Services

Due to the fact that vast amount of money flow in banks and other financial institution, financial services industry is the leading targets of cyber attacks.  The tight integration of introduction detection software such as  snort empowers the user of transcend to set the security alert easily with transcend built-in features.  


Same as it for industries, the digitization has made the government partner departments and agencies more connected via the use of the internet.  This has greatly increased the attack surface of cyberspace the public sector faces. transcend can help in the area of cyber attack  analysis, especially, in the field of forensic investigation.