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Our latest project is a big data and deep packet analytics platform vDPA, which allows you to

  • Passively or actively capture network data
  • Process massive amount of network data
  • Effortless navigate and analyze data from very high-level statistics or event alerts to very low-level packet details.
  • Accelerate or automate monitoring and troubleshooting through many rich sets of predefined algorithm library.
  • Organize, filter, manipulate and present data with many intuitive GUI features.
  • Easily embed your own expertise or proprietary algorithm

We are developing several products based on vDPA platform. These products allow you to

  • Monitor, troubleshoot your wired and 3G/4G wireless network.
  • Optimize your servers, applications and virtualization systems.
  • Troubleshoot your toughest database performance issues
  • Ensure 24x7 IT security monitoring and real-time response

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